The Word of God teaches us that the leaders of the church should train up men who can teach others, to carry on the faithful proclamation of the gospel to each generation (2 Timothy 2:2). To accomplish this mission, we desire to participate with a trusted training institution like The Master's Seminary for the development of men for pastoral ministry. With their new Mentor Model program, we began this partership with TMS in 2021.

The Mentor Model (MM) is an extension of distance education for Master of Divinity students who wish to complete their seminary education from their home church. TMS has always emphasized the connection between seminary education and practical ministry experience at a local church. Students enrolled in the MM program can complete their seminary education entirely at their home church under the supervision of their pastor mentor. Pastor Michael and Grace Bible Church of Boerne are an approved distance education site for The Master's Seminar Mentor Model through which biblically qualified men can receive their Master's of Divinity while serving in our local church. We are blessed to currenlty have three men of Grace Bible Church as students with TMS Mentor Model.

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