Church membership is an honor Christ gives us and a commitment to other believers who covenant together to function as His local body. Yet in a day when commitment is frowned upon by the world, it should come as no surprise that church membership is a low priority among so many believers. Membership began at the start of the church in Acts 2, continued throughout the New Testament, and has been sustained in biblically functioning churches for 2000 years. It is vital for growth in the Christian life to understand what church membership is and why it matters.

The Membership Process

  1. Sign up for the next GBC Fundamentals of the Faith class. Register Here
  2. Read the church Doctrine & By-Laws. Download (PDF)
  3. Submit an Application for Membership. Complete Here
  4. Once your application has been received, an elder will contact you to schedule a membership confirmation meeting. If you have not been baptized, talk to the elders about being a part of the next baptism.
  5. When you complete the membership process, you will be welcomed as a member at the next member induction.